Isn’t This One of the Signs of the Apocalypse?

I saw this and dropped my lighter on the floor just to check and make sure gravity is still working.
(Hat tip to Eschaton).

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  1. A flock of pigs just flew by my window.

  2. A flock of pigs just flew by my window.

  3. Also Mike Gravel just joined the Libertarian party.

  4. Every day, in every way, she makes herself look worse. What gets me is what’s in it for Scaife?

  5. You’re a candidate for president. You run in Pennsylvania. You must campaign in Pittsburgh. You are invited to speak with the editorial board at some Pittsburgh paper, but because your press person is not from Pittsburgh and not a conspiracy follower, he doesn’t know about Scaife.
    So you go. And someone snaps a picture.
    Churchill met with Stalin. More than once. That didn’t make Churchill a murderous communist.
    Don’t overestimate the power of a photograph of two people who are in the same room at the same time.
    How in the hell would Clinton have prevented the photo? And why should she?

  6. I’m a bit suspicious of young Hillary. The bit that’s made TV over here is her account of dodging bullets in Kosovo. It reminded me of when she and Bill visited NZ when he was president. They claimed she was named after local hero, Sir Ed Hillary. But the slightest research revealed she had been named two years before he’d even thought of climbing Everest.
    Mind you the main qualification for any sort of leadership role in a modern democracy seems to be the ability to come up with the most outrageous lies.

  7. what were you doing with a lighter?

  8. what were you doing with a lighter?

  9. “what were you doing with a lighter?”
    Afarensis was trying to see if he could teach a rat to use it as a tool….

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