Oh, Those Poor Bats

The BBC has a story about bat, suffering from hunger, who are out foraging in daylight:

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Archaeological Ethics and the Law

The Crow Canyon Newsletter has an interesting review of Archaeological Ethics and Law by Walter William Lipe. The material covered is pretty basic and should be familiar to most archaeology students and working archaeologists. The article is more for those who don’t know that much about archaeology. The article also contains links to theState Historic Preservation Legislation Database, the Laws, Executive Orders & Regulations concerning archaeology and preservation, and Federal Historic Preservation Laws. Check it out…

Gideon’s Bible and Schools

Ed mentions that the Supreme Court a federal judge has struck down Gideon Bible distribution at schools. Interestingly enough, some people tried to distribute Gideon’s Bibles at my daughter’s high school last week. The principals discovered it and made them leave school property, so they had to stand across the street and pass them out. Kudos to the principals, especially because they actually spent most of the day outside making sure the Gideon’s people stayed off school property.

Cancer in Norway and the Concrete Pyramid Theory Resurfaces

Physorg.Com has an interesting story concerning two skeletons found in a viking ship burial discovered in Norway in the early 1900’s (the ship burial dates to 843). Recent DNA and x-ray evidence indicates that one of individuals had cancer:

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Begging For Articles (Sigh)

Can someone out there send me the two articles below?
Google Earth, GIS, and the Great Divide: A new and simple method for sharing paleontological data
A new archaic Homo sapiens fossil from Lake Eyasi, Tanzania
Please leave a note in comments, so I don’t get more than one each…my email is in the contact tab.
Update 1: I have them now…

More Evolutionary Studies on Lizards

A number of people have written on the recent news about the speedy evolution of some lizards. There is another study, recently published in the Journal of Experimental Biology that has some interesting evolutionary implications.

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A New Geology Blog

I just stumbled across a new blog on Geology that looks quite promising. The blog is called Antimonite. Who writes it?

The author of this blog is a Swedish student of geology at the department of Geoscience at the University of Lund. I have studied a great deal before going for geology. Basically lurking around different departments since 1998. My academical passions outside of geology includes history, religious studies, philosophy, astronomy and technology. Besides that I like to read science fiction, watch movies and debate (and obviously taste) aged rum.

Go check it out. The first couple of posts are interesting.

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Octopi Porn

National Geographic has an interesting video on the sex lives of octopi – apparently there is a certain amount of mimicry and guile involved….
The video is based on this article:

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Lynch’s Book Meme

Lynch has a book meme up. Its the “the top 106 books most often marked as “unread” by LibraryThing’s users.” The books I have read are in italics. Unfinished books are struck through.

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Lollemurs: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

They can be found here.