Attention Paleoanthropologists and Paleontologists in the Fresno Area

Scott Hatfield needs your help. Apparently, one of the peddlers of the Paluxy River dino-man trackway hoax will be speaking at a high school in Fresno. It would be great fun if some folks with experience in the fields of paleontology and paleoanthropology could show up and help Scott out…


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  1. I would love to help cut this idiot down a notch or two. But I don’t live in the Fresno area. And I’m ot a paleoanthropologist or paleontologist. I’m just a Starving Writer who writes

  2. I don’t know what happened, but my comment wasn’t complete. I wanted to say, “I’m just a Starving Writer who writes Great Science Fiction Masterpieces With Neandertals. So I’ve learned something about the subject. And if this character ever comes to the Seattle area, let me know. . . .heh, heh,heh
    Anne G

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