Archaeology and Intelligent Design: A Must Read Post

Chris over at Northstate Science has a must read post on the subject of archaeology and intelligent design. I particularly liked this:

The issue here is that proponents of Intelligent Design regularly hijack archaeological method and theory to cite as a metaphor for our poor biologist cousins who can’t seem to accept the concept of design in nature.

He goes on to point out that developing methods to separate the signatures of human behavior from natural processes has been a long difficult journey that has taken centuries. Perhaps, his most important point revolves around the public perception of archaeology and archaeologists perceptions of the evolution/creationism debate. All to often the public perception of archaeology revolves around movies like Indiana Jones. This may seem harmless to you, but all three of the movies revolve around religious themes – two of them around christianity. I do not wish to read to much into that, but I can’t help thinking this plays into the perception that archaeology is much more biblically oriented than it is. I digress, go read the post…

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  1. Interesting point. I’ve had students ask about Indiana Jones, I generally tell them that he is a horrific character when it comes to archaeology, more of a grave robber or a smash and grab thief than an archaeologist. I never really considered the religious themes in the movies.

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