Gideon’s Bible and Schools

Ed mentions that the Supreme Court a federal judge has struck down Gideon Bible distribution at schools. Interestingly enough, some people tried to distribute Gideon’s Bibles at my daughter’s high school last week. The principals discovered it and made them leave school property, so they had to stand across the street and pass them out. Kudos to the principals, especially because they actually spent most of the day outside making sure the Gideon’s people stayed off school property.

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  1. That’s a Federal District Court, not the Supreme Court.

  2. Just accept the Bible with a smile and a “Hey, free toilet paper!”

  3. Where I come from, Gideon’s Bibles serve a more… illicit… purpose, but equally offensive to the distributors, I’m sure.

  4. Where I come from, Gideon’s Bibles serve a more… illicit… purpose, but equally offensive to the distributors, I’m sure.

  5. Whenever I check in at a hotel, I ask the management to remove all pornographic material, including the bible, from my room.

  6. For full disclosure purposes, let me first state that my father is a member of the Gideons. I have no intention of taking that up myself, but I would like to think I have a deeper understanding of this than other commenters.
    Where I’m from (Winnipeg, in Canada) the bible distribution is opt-in rather than opt-out. Information is sent home with the kids, and if they would like a free bible (or if their parents would) then they sign on and the kid gets one the week after.
    I think that is an important distinction. All the Gideons are trying to do is inform people about what Christians (should) really believe. In my area, at least, they are genuinely a nonpolitical organization run entirely by donations.
    The idea behind the distribution isn’t “read it and repent!” or even that the reader feels obliged to lean more towards Christianity or the purely american right-wing branch of that, but rather a belief by the Gideons that reading the bible with an open mind will lead to being a Christian. Therefore, it is wise (whatever the cost) to distribute bibles.
    They are really a non-threatening organization. About 75% of their membership is over 75 years old.

  7. David – That may be the way they are supposed to operate, but at my daughters school they were trying to pass out bibles, not consent forms.

  8. you are entitled to your own views but have you ever wondered why Christians are willing to go into dangerous places and suffer and even die in order to share the gospile? Could it be that they know how important Gods word is…
    i use to believe that all Christians were some bunch of crazy Bible thumpers who just wanted to force their views down my throat untill God showed me the truth… I wasnt looking for God, i was just trying to live my own life but he had other plans. He pulled down all of the walls i had built and completly devastated me… i thought, how could there be a God? if he was real, how could he let me suffer this way? but it was the suffering that opened my eyes…
    he had to take away my ability to “be god” in orded to proove that it was him that was actuley God!
    like i said, you can believe what you want, this is america but just because you dont know God, i wouldnt stop others from getting to know him… and by the way, even if we bann all Bibles, the Gospel will still be preached even if it cousts us our lives… not out of hate but out of love… your soal is worth my life, if i have to die to get you to see, it is worth it!
    what eyls in this world do you know of that would be worth so much?
    only the love of Jesus!!!

  9. Landy – You totally missed the point of my post. The point is not to suppress free speech of any sort, but to prevent taxpayer dollars being used to support religion.

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