Oh, Those Poor Bats

The BBC has a story about bat, suffering from hunger, who are out foraging in daylight:

Mrs Youngman, who will travel from central Scotland to lead a bats workshop in Strathpeffer Community Centre, near Dingwall, on Thursday, said the first bats of the season were emerging from hibernation.
She said: “Down here in the central belt people have found grounded bats which were very weak and very hungry.
“This may be a reflection of last summer and juveniles not getting enough food to build up fat to survive through hibernation.”

It gets worse:

In day time bats run the risk of falling prey to other animals and it has been known for them to be mobbed and eaten by crows.

Poor things…

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  1. This is a link about our beloved Congress Avenue Mexican freetail bats. http://www.batcon.org/home/index.asp?idPage=122

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