A Question for the Epidemiologists

Is this something we should be worried about? I understand that foot-and-mouth disease is nothing to mess around with, but I find this story somewhat perplexing. For example, the caption to the photo says, in part:

The Bush administration relied on a flawed study to conclude that research on a highly infectious animal disease could safely be moved from an isolated island laboratory to sites on the mainland near livestock, congressional investigators concluded in findings obtained by The Associated Press.

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Kambiz Turns One

Kambiz and Anthropology.net have successfully negotiated their first year on WordPress. If you are unfamiliar with the site, check it out, it is one of the premier site on the net for anthropology news and discussion. If you are a regular reader of the site, go congratulate Kambiz and take his survey (I did).

A Letter to Florida: Please Stop Releasing Snakes Into The Everglades

Dear Florida,
Between 1996 and 2006 an estimated 99,000 Burmese pythons were imported into the US, of these an estimated 30,000 now live in the Everglades. Worse yet, they, along with released Boas, are now breeding.

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Interesting Science News

Do cells that eventually for the base of the cranium, as well as connective tissue, originate via the neural crest as currently thought? According to an article that is supposed to be published in PNAS, the answer is no. Since the article has not appeared yet, I can’t go into very much detail. PhysOrg.com has a write up of the research:

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Upper Paleolithic Artifacts Found in Galilee

According to this short article flint tools and the remains of red deer, bear, and buffalo were found in a cave in Galilee. Some may find it surprising that Paleolithic artifacts have been found in Israel, but the country has a number of important paleoanthropological sites.

I Thought It Was Darwin’s Fault?

According to Ben Stein Darwin caused the Holocaust. There seems to be a competing explanation though.

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Dinosaur Tracks from Yemen

PLoS One has an interesting article called First Dinosaur Tracks from the Arabian Peninsula which discusses a multi-taxon dinosaur trackway discovered in Yemen.

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