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Do cells that eventually for the base of the cranium, as well as connective tissue, originate via the neural crest as currently thought? According to an article that is supposed to be published in PNAS, the answer is no. Since the article has not appeared yet, I can’t go into very much detail. has a write up of the research:

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Upper Paleolithic Artifacts Found in Galilee

According to this short article flint tools and the remains of red deer, bear, and buffalo were found in a cave in Galilee. Some may find it surprising that Paleolithic artifacts have been found in Israel, but the country has a number of important paleoanthropological sites.

I Thought It Was Darwin’s Fault?

According to Ben Stein Darwin caused the Holocaust. There seems to be a competing explanation though.

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Dinosaur Tracks from Yemen

PLoS One has an interesting article called First Dinosaur Tracks from the Arabian Peninsula which discusses a multi-taxon dinosaur trackway discovered in Yemen.

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Searching the Manson Ranch: More Forensic Anthropology in the News

The LA Times has an interesting story about Charles Manson and Barker Ranch. From the LA Times:

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Svante Paabo on Human Evolution

A Neanderthal Perspective on Human Origins scroll down some to find the video. This is part of the Rockefeller Evolution Lectures – which should have something of interest to everybody.
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How Low Can The Bush Administration Go?

Every time you think they can’t get any lower, they do. Firedoglake mentions this story on ABC news. Says Firedoglake:

So via the Bush Administration and GITMO we’ve not only turned our back on the ideals we espouse for our own culture, but we’ve farmed ourselves out to be agents of another country’s repression.

I guess its all that free market capitalism and American DNA at work (plus a lack of congressional oversight) creating the perfect thug that never rises but always sinks deeper into a morass of shame.

Book Review: Life in Cold Blood by David Attenborough

First, a video to whet your appetite.

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A Stupid Question?

Why are the papers that make you drool never open access?

Reverse Evolution in Sticklebacks?

A number of people have emailed me a link to this story about “reverse evolution” in sticklebacks residing in Lake Washington. The basic story is that as Lake Washington was cleaned of its pollution sticklebacks went from being low plated to being completely plated. Partially, this was a response to heavier predation caused by increased clarity of the water.

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