Being Afarensis

Last night, when I heard about Ventastega curonica I was quite excited. I have written a few posts about tetrapods. My plan was to track down the Nature article and write a couple of posts about it.

One would be a serious discussion of the find. The other would be a snark filled mockfest aimed against creationists and such. I was going to call it Darwinist Refute Evolution: Find Two More Gaps in the Fossil Record. You can imagine the joyful mockery I was going to inflict (it still makes me smile just to think about it). I was also going to write a silly letter to Per Ahlberg demanding he store the fossils and data in my house just like Andy Schlafly. Unfortunately, one of my Sciblings found a strange closet and walked through a door into my brain.* At any rate, you will have to follow the link above to ERV’s site for the mockery and snark. I probably won’t have anything up on it before tomorrow, I want to read the paper a couple of more times.
* I just hope the obscene puppet show was over before ERV showed up…


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  1. You will get the last laugh, though. My understanding of this paper really is at about the level of a Creationist– ‘OOOH! Fish-frog-with-no-toes!’, so youll get to do the real quality post 🙂
    PS– The puppets were still there. *blink* *goes to wash eyeballs out with soap*

  2. now to see… By God, it did. 🙂

  3. 😦 It did in preview. MT is weird.

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