Pensacola Christian College in the News Again

The Department of Justice Inspector General released the results of an investigation yesterday and it contains some interesting material. Notably, the stuff concerning Esther Slater McDonald, who, according to the report:

The IG report covers the time in which McDonald served as counsel to Associate Attorney General Bill Mercer, a short time frame of just thirteen months. But though she was there just a little over a year, McDonald’s name peppers the OIG report (pdf) over 100 times. She was deeply involved in trying to ferret out the political leanings of applicants. The report describes her frequent Internet searches of applicants to determine if they were “anarchists” or “leftists.”

McDonald, it turns out, attended Pensacola Christian College. They, meaning the Bush administration, actually put one of these nut jobs in charge of something. No wonder the country is such a mess…


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  1. Oboy. Pensacola Christian College certainly has made a reputation for itself. But it’s not a reputation I would want to have, if I were a college. Especially with the possibility of another kind of administration coming along. . .
    Anne G

  2. Wow! This article really shows the unbiased objectivity of a reporter.
    Hey Bud, why not show some of that tolerance that you demand from others, rather than throwing your comments down and demand that it deserves credibility.

  3. “But it’s not a reputation I would want to have, if I were a college.”
    Anne G.,
    I’m glad you are NOT a college.

  4. Well, let’s see. The DOJ report was the result of a lengthy investigation. The role of McDonald in trashing the hiring process, including several violations of the law, is pretty clear. It is also pretty clear that after eight years of republican rule, this country is in a mess. So the only thing you can be objecting to is the stuff about Pensacola Christian College. As for that, tolerance does not require that I accept obvious bullshit as truth. I should also point out that I am not a reporter, I am a blogger.

  5. Back when I was living down in Pensacola, we called them Pensacola Concentration Camp …

  6. I do object to your using a persons choices as a basis for determining the character of the college they went to. I know many people who graduated or are attending Pensacola who are very wonderful, moral, and ethical people. A person is going to be what they choose to be no matter what college they attend. You know the saying. You teach a thief, what do you have? A smart thief.
    I respect your right as a blogger, however, I think you could be a little more fair in your analysis.

  7. Jenny – See my previous comment…

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