Taking a 2-3 Week Break

Brain fatigue and writer’s block have convinced me to take a bit of a break. I’ll probably do a couple of “hey go read this” kind of posts so you all don’t forget about me, but at the moment I find myself in the odd position – for a blogger – of not having anything to say…


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  1. hey, we all understand. I’ve been too busy with this pesky thing called grad school to even think about things outside of anthropology. I’m jealous-wish I could take a break! ENJOY!!!

  2. Ha! You think you’ll take a break, but just wait: Dr. Dr. D. will have a Friday meltdown specially for you.

  3. Not sure if this’ll entice you back, but check out the cheekbones on this hominid (click name for link). Looks unusual to me, more like heavy metal album cover art than a real human skull.

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