Lemurs! Newly Discovered Ones!

I try to take a rest from blogging and they go and discover a population of swamp dwelling bamboo-eating lemurs National Geographic has the story:

The 2007 finding comes after years of rumors that the so-called greater bamboo lemur had been sighted in the Torotorofotsy wetlands. Now that it’s confirmed, the newfound group has renewed experts’ hopes that the species will survive.
“Finding the extremely rare Prolemur simus in a place where nobody expected it was probably more exciting than discovering a new lemur species,” conservation geneticist Edward Louis of Henry Doorly Zoo said in a statement.

afarensis wanders off grumbling “What next, new fossil primates…”


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  1. Hunh, at first I misread that as “baboon-eating lemurs”, which was a rather odd mental image. 🙂

  2. I read it as baboon-eating lemurs as well. I was thinking, WOW, those must be some big lemurs (or small baboons).

  3. Would need to be a good swimmer too, if it had to get from Madagascar to the mainland where the baboons hang out every time it fancied a snack.

  4. Figured you wouldn’t last more than a week.

  5. [monty python]Oh sure there’s that. Perhaps if two lemurs were to swim together…[/monty python]

  6. [monty python]
    King Arthur: A bloody baboon-eating lemur, you say? Have you all gone mad?
    Sir Percival: We were besieged by ‘im for six months durin’ the Thirteenth Crusade. ‘E’s a killer, ‘e is!
    King Arthur: Sir Galahad! Bring forth the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!
    Sir Galahad: Sorry, Sire, but I ‘aven’t got it. I thought Brave Sir Robin ‘ad it in ‘is kit.
    Brave Sir Robin [in a shaky voice]: Last time I saw it, Sire, Sir Lancelot ‘ad it. [aside: ‘E can keep it, and good luck to ‘im. The bloody thing was frightenin’ the tights offa me!] ‘E was tinkerin’ with it – something about a stuck firin’ pin.
    Sir Lancelot: Yes, Sire, it’s right ‘ere, good as new…… erm, I ‘ad it just a moment ago….. INCOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!
    [/monty python]

  7. You’re all cute as bugs’ ears. But if you want to watch some real lemurs, turn on Animal Planet, on cable, if you’ve got it. They have a show called “Lemur Kingdom,” a real live soap opera starring two rival gangs of ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar. There’s life, death, sex, birth, fighting, you name it.

  8. [monty python]
    Bridge Guardian: What is the air speed velocity of a flying lemur?
    King Arthur: Would that before or after a hearty repast of baboon flesh?
    Bridge Guardian: I don’t know. [sfx: ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!]
    [/monty python]

  9. [monty python]
    Sir Bedivere: How do we know she is a witch?
    afarensis: She turned me into a baboon eating lemur!
    Crowd stares anxiously at afarensis and moves, slightly, away
    afarensis: …but I got better.
    [/monty python]

  10. For a taste of other species of Lemur from Madagascar that are endangered or just plain interesting, your readers might be interested in The Bronx Zoo‘s exhibit that has just opened. It is titled Madagascar and gives a sample of the abundance of wildlife that exists there. For those who are unable to go or just want a good listen, the New York Academy of Sciences just released a Podcast speaking with the director of the Madagascar program that is also very informative. You can listen to that here.

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