Happy Birthday To Me … And Joshua

Both Joshua and I share a birthday today. Rather than think about how many folks died on my birthday like Joshua is doing, I will share what I am getting for my birthday with you. Through the kindness of family and friends I was able to buy some books from Amazon. A list is below the fold.

The Paleolithic Societies of Europe by Gamble
Origins of Modern Humans: A World Survey of the Fossil Evidence edited by Smith
Speciation by Coyne and Orr
Major Transitions in Vertebrate Evolution (Life of the Past) by Jason S. Anderson and Hans-Dieter Sues
Dental Anthropology by Simon Hillson
The Archaeology of Childhood: Children, Gender, and Material Culture (Gender and Archaeology) by Jane Eva Baxter
War before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage by Lawrence H. Keeley
Creationism’s Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design by Barbara Forrest and Paul R. Gross
All of which were bought used so it’s much cheaper than it sounds…I should have some happy reading ahead.

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  1. Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday today too. When I was very young, I thought my birth was such an important event that the month was named after me.

  2. Happy birthday gentlemen! Looks like a good list…

  3. Happy birfday two ewe.
    James 2:24

  4. Happy birthday! Are you planning to post reviews of those when you finish them? I’m a fan of teeth, and would be interested to know your thoughts 🙂

  5. Happy birthday to both of you. Yes, are we going to get any reviews? Go to Joshua’s blog and there are a couple of neat quizzes to try.

  6. Yes, I think I might review them as I finish them. The Baxter book and the Keeley book, in particular, look like they would make interesting topics…

  7. Happy birthday, belated of course.

  8. Oh bum, I forgot to pass on my greetings over here. Belated happy birthday, CBEB wannabe! I hope the lemurs will start behaving whilst you’re on your blogging break.

  9. Speaking of belated happy birthdays, Happy Birthday Julia L!

  10. Happy birthday!

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