At Least, This Time, I’m Not The One Blogging About Lemurs

Zooillogix has a post up about some cute baby lemurs. At least this time…they didn’t…trick…me…into…

Aw, rats, they got me again! Tricky Lemurs!
Update One: I just received an email, which I am reproducing below:
Har, Har, Har, this is you afarensis

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  1. It’s alright Afarensis. Even though the picture is signed ‘Lemurs’ he’s not, he’s a Lemurian.

    Hadropithecus. Paleo Lemurs that is…

  3. If that’s a lemur, Morgoth must have had it for an awfully long time …

  4. Will – Yup, the research is in PNAS.

  5. So blog about it and make this unofficial lemur week.

  6. On “Lemur Kingdom” on the Animal Planet (on cable), I’ve seen ring-tailed lemurs eating various fruits, leaves, grasses, and cactus, the latter item being downright prickly. I should think it would pit their teeth, which is what part of what the piece at “thedragonstales” was talking about for the paleo lemur. A significant part of the year is under drought conditions, too, when most of the juicier foods are unavailable, and everything is pretty gritty, dusty, dry. A lot of their fur falls out and all but the head honcho (honcha – since females are dominant?) look pretty scruffy, until the rains come.

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