Something Happening Here, What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear…

Strange things seem to be going on in the Twin Cities
PZ also has a post on the subject.
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  1. PZ’s site has degenerated into a political theory argument which only proves that political thought by intelligent people is little different than religious thought by unintelligent people.
    I’ve always had problems with “demonstrators” claiming first amendment rights to disrupt the speech of other people attempting to exercise their first amendment rights. Both sides have a right to speak their piece but neither side has a right to disrupt the other. A lot of this hypocrisy took place during the Viet Nam war which is why I never joined any anti-war groups.
    BTW, demonstrators, nowadays, a baggy full of piss could be considered an attack with a deadly weapon and keeping buckets full of piss could be construed as a terrorist biological threat similar to keeping a supply of explosives.

  2. …gotta love the Buffalo Springfield reference…

  3. Old Fart, it’s crap like that that gives old farts a bad name. These people plan to protest, but that’s legal in and of itself. If, when the time comes, they get violent or disturb others’ right to assemble, they can be dealt with then. If they do none of those things, the police have no right to interfere with them whatsoever.
    I, for one, and far more disturbed by our growing Police State than I am by a crowd of sign-waving hippies.

  4. Let’s wait till the evidence is in before jumping on the anti-police bandwagon. It seems likely that at least the County Sheriff was bought by the Republicans but that requires proof. Glen Greenwald points out that the FBI and the city police were also involved. What is at issue here is the question of whether the police have an obligation to stop disturbances and obstructions before they start AND do they have the right to infiltrate demonstrator groups to find out.
    I am no fan of the police and have the scars on my head to prove it. But I am no fan of disruptors either, of any shape or kind or any political alliance.

  5. Stopping disruptions? Or agent provocateurs to make them worse so they will have a pretext to arrest otherwise innocent folks?

  6. No, people taking threats very seriously. There is a right way to get your protests known, a wrong way to get your protests known, and a damn stupid way to get your protests known. You go and hurting people and damaging property, folks aint gonna listen to you. You want to see changes made, you get allies. You get allies by convincing people you both have things in common and need to work together.
    What does the so-far-left-they’re-ultraconservatives crowd want to do? Upset things, disrupt things, make things so bad there’s a call for tyranny and despotism to keep things under control. A tyranny they can then fight against and overthrow in order to install their own. Don’t forget that the Bolsheviks didn’t overthrow the Czar, they overthrew the revolutionaries who overthrew the Czar.
    And never forget they were doing the same thing in Denver as they were planning to do in St. Paul. They are not your friends, they are not your allies. All you are to them is tools, beasts to be used, abused, and discarded when you become useless. You are not support against the enemy, you are the enemy. Someone to be betrayed and discarded when they have no more need for you. An anarchist is nothing but a gang leader with a degree in literature.
    I oppose oppression, period. Right/left, liberal/conservative, I oppose oppression. I oppose oppression in violation of the law, I oppose oppression under the color of the law. I support knowing in full what happened, and acknowledging that it did happen as it did. Cause harm to another for no good reason, and you pay the price. That’s my philosophy.
    BTW, if you’re going to protest something, know what you’re getting into.

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