Hadza and Modernity

The BBC has an interesting article the Hadza and modernity called The Pied Piper of Eyasi – it is part of their “Life on the Edge” series.

Should they follow Baallow, the charismatic leader who wants to take them into the prosperous, globalised 21 Century? Or should they ignore him and try to cling on to a way of life they love?
We join Baallow as he is revving up his Honda in Tanzania’s commercial capital, Dar es Salaam. He is about 50 years old and you might take him for a middle-aged biker, but a biker with a gleam in his eye.
Today, he is setting off on a tour of his tribal lands, in the Yaeda Valley close to Lake Eyasi.
Baallow has a mission: he says the Hadza have no choice but to follow his lead. They must fight for their land rights. It is time, he says, for the Hadza to realise they are being left behind by the rest of the world.

The rest of the article revolves around this and is worth taking the time to read.

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