Bill Nye on Naked Mole Rats

I haven’t mentioned those adorable and beautiful creatures called naked mole rats lately. So to make up for it there are a few videos below the fold.


5 Responses

  1. Wow, I never realized that NAKED mole rat tunnels could be so noisy. That second clip is really an eye-opener.

  2. That was absolutely delightful! Thank you. I’d never heard of these little critters before.

  3. Adorable? Beautiful? Hmmmmm…… They look sorta like blind and ratty to me……….and they talk too much.

  4. Amazing. Like crickets, almost. But I think we are hearing the warning sound they make when shifting into reverse. Rather like large vehicles with limited view to the rear.
    This may explain their split-second traffic control allowing a forward moving Naked Mole Rat to pass a Naked Mole Rat moving in reverse in a single traffic lane! Brilliant!

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