Zombie Science and the Zombie Jamboree in Texas

Glenn Branch of the NCSE comes up with an excellent comparison for creationism in this excellent post on the threat to science education in Texas. Creationism, and its cheaper cousin Intelligent Design, have been repeatedly proven false, yet like the zombie continues to shuffle along demanding your brains. A small taste is below the fold:

Also under attack is the new draft’s explanation of the limits of science, which notes, “If ideas are based upon purported forces outside of nature, they cannot be tested using scientific methods.” McLeroy is digging in his heels here too, wanting to open the science classroom door to the supernatural–and not just the costumed trick-or-treating variety. As he told The New York Times, he thinks there are two types of science: “a creationist system and a naturalist system.”

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  1. Fundies want to introduce teaching supernaturism in schools?
    So why do they keep calling for banning the Harry Potter books?

  2. Because the Potter books advocate bad supernaturalism. It be not of God it be double plus ungood stuff.

  3. Nice analogy. What did Angel once call zombies? Vicious, but fortunately very stupid and slow… hmmm…

  4. Unfortunately I live in Texas and no matter how often I vote against and speak out against these people they just seem to multiply. There was an article in a local weekly newspaper on the subject of the introduction of intelligent design in the class room that too many people ignored but if they hadn’t maybe we would not still be going through this.

  5. Oh, Texas is still fighting to keep from entering the 20th century. They don’t even know that the rest of the world has gone on to the 21st century! So, nobody here knows about the Scopes monkey trial, or that evolution is more than just Darwin, or what the letters DNA stand for, or that school is for something besides training boys to play football. It’s just nearly a lost cause trying to teach science here! I’m the Lone Liberal of this Lone Star State and people practically froth at the mouth at the very idea of their kids learning real science. I say we ought to go ahead and teach creation and religion in school. Just give us science teachers a crack at teaching science in Sunday School in the churches! Ha ha ha ha! (I guess I’m a bit slap happy — sorry about that).

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