Introducing A Forensic Osteology Metabase

Kambiz has been busy. He is part of a team developing a new metabase devoted to forensic osteology. As Kambiz describes it:

This metabase primarily functions to expand one’s access to comparative samples. By providing a portal to well documented images and attribution, we foresee that FORST will help connect investigators to collections that they may have never knew about. We’ve decided to call it a metabase because we’ve decided not to house the images and metadata linked to each specimen. Rather, we curate a subset of the information, which is determined by contributors, and is in turn searchable from the FOROST query builder. Each item in the database is ultimately stored on the participant members’ servers and is branded to their liking. I am hopeful that this unification of forensic data will pool together distributed specimen information while retaining individual attribution. I’m even more hopeful that it will facilitate collaboration and standardization of forensic criteria.

This is an exciting development in the area of forensic anthropology and Kambiz is to be congratulated for his role!
FOROST can be found here.

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  1. Thanks for spreading this, Afarensis. I really appreciate it!

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