Interesting Anthropology News

Below the fold are some interesting anthropology items I have found.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Primate?

Finally! Equal time for primates. After years of listening to people talk about what it means to be human, someone finally gets to the root of the problem and asks “What does it mean to be a primate?” In fact, bunches of people are going to try and answer the question.

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Know Your Primates: An Announcement Concerning the Future

I have been writing the “Know Your Primate” posts since July 28, 2006. During that time I have covered a wide variety of primates and I fully intend to continue the series. However, I will not be posting the series here. The series will continue in its new home at my new blog on Gorilla.CD. Gorilla.CD is part of the new website for the Virunga National Park. As many of you know, there are terrible events occurring in Virunga. Last year some of the gorillas were killed and earlier this month one of the ranger camps was attacked. By moving “Know Your Primate” I hope to focus some attention on the issue. When you visit the site you will notice that donations are accepted. The donations go for a wide variety of needed supplies for the rangers at the park. I hope you will consider donating.
New “Know Your Primate” posts will start going up next week. In the meantime, here is part four of Attenborough’s Life of Mammals. Note that in this episode those wonderful naked mole rats make an appearance. Enjoy!

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Crocodylian Snout Shape, Mammalian Carnivora, and Hominins

Crocodylians have a long and complex evolutionary history. More importantly, we have a large number of crocodylian fossils. I bring this up because of a number of interesting papers I have read recently that all have a common theme. In this post I will take a look at a paper by Christopher Brochu published in 2001 in the American Zoologist (Crocodylian Snouts in Space and Time: Phylogenetic Approaches Toward Adaptive Radiation, Amer. Zool., 41:564-585 [2001]).

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Interesting Anthropology in the News

There are a number of interesting anthropology stories in the news. My picks below the fold.

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Open Lab 2008

Coturnix mentions that the deadline for submissions to Open Lab 2008 is fast approaching. Readers are encouraged to look through my posts – any written since 12/20/07 – and submit whatever posts they found to be informative and well written. As Coturnix says:

Then take a look at your favourite bloggers and pick some of their best posts – don’t worry, we can deal with duplicate entries. Do not forget new and up-coming blogs – they may not know about the anthology – and submit their stuff as well.

So get out there and give some recognition to excellent science writing!

In Lieu of Know Your Primate: Attenborough’s Life of Mammals Part Three

Below the fold, as usual. Enjoy!

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