Creationism and Homo floresiensis

I’m sure everybody watched the Alien From Earth if not follow the link. Especially because I am about to lay some serious stupid on you. I was randomly surfing the web and stumbled across two articles on Homo floresiensis both of which were written by creationists.

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Has The Common Ancestor Of Deep Sea Octopi Been Found?

According to this BBC News article it has.

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Sunday Need to Read: The Backlog Keeps Growing

I seem to be acquiring papers quicker than I can read them. It doesn’t help the my printer is out of ink and I hate reading pdfs on the computer…a problem which should be remedied later this week.

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Know Your Primate: Part Six of Life of Mammals

I have copied a few of the Know Your Primate posts from the archives to the new home of Know Your Primate and I should have a new post up tomorrow. Check it out and please consider donating to the cause. In the meantime here is part six of Life of Mammals.

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A Special Place In Hell Revisited

This is on target. The McCain campaign is busy blaming their loss on Sarah Pallin with the same vigor that they once used to call Obama a terrorist sympathizer. Is anybody really shocked? McCain made a bad choice that could have been disastrous for the country. This is par for the course among Republicans. When they don’t get what they want, they stomp their feet and cry and moan and do everything but take responsibility for their actions.

Chimp and Human Genome Compared and Other Interesting Evolution Stories

The chimp and human genomes are being compared in two articles that came out today.

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The Hobbit Enigma: Semi-Liveblogging the Documentary

John Scanlon brought an interesting documentary to my attention. The documentary is about Homo floresiensis and can be found here.

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