Mass Graves found at Himera

AsI mentioned yesterday, there is an interesting paper out on Homo floresiensis (actually there are several new papers on the subject). There is also a new paper out on the skeletons found by Berger on Palau. I’ll get to both subjects over the next couple of days. In the meantime National Geographic is reporting on the discovery of mass graves at Himera. From National Geographic:

In 480 B.C. Carthage, or present-day Tunisia, sent an army against Himera. “Greeks and Carthaginians fought a bloody battle in the plain under the town walls, right on the burial ground,” Vassallo said. “People from Himera won.”

National Geographic goes on to say:

“Thanks to the big number of burials, we will gather precious information about funerary rituals in Himera: the way they took care of the bodies, preserved the remains, and perpetuated the memory of the dead. Such rituals reflect social structure,” Marconi said.

Herodotus goes into the story in some detail…

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