Von Economo Neurons and Hominoids

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would have more to say about primates, brain evolution, and life history. I still plan on exploring that in future posts, but wanted to mention this interesting item that deserves a post of its own.

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Know Your Primate: Parts Seven and Eight of Life of Mammals

I got sidetracked after part six, so here are parts seven and eight for your viewing pleasure.

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Goodbye Kambiz!

Kambiz, the blogger at the always interesting Anthropology.net has announced that he is giving up blogging. He will be attending medical school for the next couple of years and needs to devote time to his studies. I have never meet Kambiz in person (I hope to someday) but I have corresponded with him for several years and know he will be an excellent med student. For those of you who are not familiar with Kambiz you should know that Kambiz is the host and main blogger of Anthropology.net. He assembled a fine stable of co-bloggers (including me for awhile), he was the driving force behind the Four Stone Hearth, was part of a team that created Forost, and also created a Hominin Fossil Database. I’m sure he will bring the same drive and creativity to his medical studies. Congratulations and good luck Kambiz! I’m sure you will be busy but keep in touch, the anthropological community will miss you.

The Impact Of Blogging On The Creation-Evolution Debate

Aydin Orstan is one of the more interesting bloggers (something you don’t ordinarily expect from a malacologist) in the blogosphere, even if I don’t mention him as often as I should. One of his readers asked him about the impact of blogging on the evolution/creationism debate (and I use the word debate loosely because, well, the creationist lost) and Aydin was kind enough to post his response. In light of the recent Cincinnati Zoo/Creation Museum kerfluffle I though Aydin’s post was worth a shout out.

Happy Birthday Claude Levi-Strauss

I don’t know how I missed this, but last Friday legendary anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss turned 100. The International Herald Tribune has an interesting article on Levi-Strauss that is worth a read.

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Shame, Shame, Shame on the Cincinnati Zoo

Shame on the Cincinnati Zoo. You can find out why here. The short version is that they have teamed up with the the Creation Museum to create a combo ticket for the holidays.
Update 1: The misguided effort to pair a visit to the zoo with a visit to the Creation Museum has been canceled. Kudos to the Cincinnati Zoo for realizing what a big mistake this was. Kudos to those who wrote the Zoo to protest the pairing. It just goes to show, eternal vigilance is the price we pay for science education.