Lawn Chair Anthropology

Occasionally I stumble across interesting anthropology blogs. Other times the writers of interesting anthropology blogs find me. A case in point is Lawn Chair Anthropology, a blog written by five anthropology students in Michigan. I know I will be adding them to my blogroll (and the Panda’s Thumb link page as well). At any rate check them out.

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  1. Thanks for the good PR!

  2. I cruised “Lawn Chair Anthropology” briefly, out of curiosity. I found some colorful quotes from a colorful character I’ve encountered in the past, Milford Wolpoff, and searched for Australopithecus,learning some interesting things, and discovering in the process that they’ve apparently stopped using the name “Paranthropus” (there’s been so much going back and forth on that one that it’s made my head spin.) Altogether, a potpourri of all matters anthropological! I’ll be back.

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