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Last weekend my wife, one of my daughters, my wife’s parents, and I went over to Alton and Grafton to watch the eagles. We saw quite a few bald eagles and a small smattering of golden eagles. Although I have seen both species on TV any number of times, nothing beats seeing them in the wild. We saw quite a few perched in trees along the bluffs overlooking the river and quite a few more out on the river itself (which was mostly frozen that weekend). The eagle that flew over our car (at a height of about 50 feet) on it’s way to the river was quite impressive (and big – makes this more believable). It was very enjoyable. However, there are some sick bastards out there:

Investigators are offering a reward for information about the killing of two bald eagles found this month in St. Charles County and Calhoun County, Ill.
Authorities say a mutilated and decapitated bald eagle carcass was found Jan. 10 along Highway 67 at the foot of the Clark Bridge near West Alton in St. Charles County. The eagle’s feet and tail feathers had been cut off.
A second dead bald eagle was found fatally shot Jan. 17 along Degerlia Hollow Road near Hardin, Ill., authorities say.
Jason Bak, a special agent with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office in Springfield, Ill., said investigators have no evidence to suggest the two dead eagles were killed by the same person or people.
Bak said it is “a little rare” to find two carcasses in the same area within a week.


The wildlife service is offering a $1,000 reward. Anyone with information about the eagle deaths is asked to call 217-793-9554 or a tips hotline at 800-236-7529.

I hope they catch the people responsible…

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  1. It’s a pretty good chance it was the same person and they were probably after the tail feathers which are very valuable.

  2. Valuable to criminals, that is.

  3. Possession of the feathers is a felony, isn’t it?

  4. The local bird sancuary forbids you to even pick up feathers that their resident eagles lose. Posessing eagle feathers is a felony.

  5. I think the laws about possessing eagle feathers is kind of complicated, because some Native American people have or use eagle feathers in certain ceremonies. The problem is, that some of these have been passed down from generation to generation. But OTOH, there still seems to be some eagle killing going on, and some of it is by Native Americans who are trying to collect more feathers for these kinds of ceremonies. Which is indeed illegal. Whether the people who killed the eagles in your area were Native Americans, there’s no way of telling. But I hope the law catches them, so we can find out. And prosecutes them, whatever their origin.
    Anne G

  6. Respsonding to Afarensis going to see eagles (not the killing of the eagles), it probably was not a common activity for that hominim (Early man more wary than war-like, new book asserts)

  7. stop trying to deny evolution

  8. I hope your eagle watching in Alton wasn’t ruined by our amazingly distracting casino…

  9. Fortunately no…

  10. We’re very fortunate, where we live we see quite regularly, Eagles (golden), Falcons, and Hawks. We often see them perched on power and telephone polls. Quite beautiful, but you don’t want to let your cat or small dog out. :o(

  11. Alton has a casino, now?
    gaah – I haven’t been back for quite some time
    fusilier, born there when Truman was President
    James 2:24

  12. Alton has had a casino for close to 20 years. The St. Louis Area has at least 5 casinos that I can think of.
    The place we keep our boat is called Eagle’s Landing and for good reason. I have seen as many as half a dozen bald eagles pearching on the trees there at one time. They are amazing birds.

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