The Truth About Bigfoot Revealed: Sasquatch Part of Communist Fifth Column

Seriously, it’s like Red Dawn, only with evil Russian communist Sasquatches instead of evil Russian communist soldiers.

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Chimpanzees Should Never Be Pets!

They occasionally signed a few words to each other, although Byrne had often said that sign language was irrelevant to their relationship. From time to time Byrne believed that their discussions, however they communicated, verged on the philosophical. It was as if Nim was questioning Byrne, asking him over and over, “Why am I here? Why am I locked in this cage?” Byrne had thought seriously about the answer to that question. He concluded that Nim was not asking to escape but making a more poignant comment on the injustice of his captivity. – from Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human
I have been without DSL for the last couple of days – according to the repairman it is because squirrels and telephone wires do not mix. The problem was fixed earlier today. In catching up one of the posts I noticed was an excellent post, by Sheril Kirshenbaum, on keeping chimpanzees as pets (I hope this post means Sheril is feeling better).

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Project 23: Better Than Area 51 Because It Has Ice Age Fossils

PhysOrg.Com has an interesting story on Project 23. From PhysOrg.Com:

Researchers discovered 16 fossil deposits under an old parking lot next to the tar pits in 2006 and began sifting through them last summer. The mammoth remains, including 10-foot-long tusks, were in an ancient riverbed near the fossil cache.
Officials of the Page Museum at the tar pits plan to formally announce their findings on Wednesday. The discoveries could double the museum’s Ice Age collection.
Such a rich find usually takes years to excavate. But with a deadline looming to build an underground parking garage for the next-door art museum, researchers boxed up the deposits and lifted them out of the ground using a massive crane.
“It’s like a paleontological Christmas,” research team member Andie Thomer wrote in a blog post in July.
The research dubbed “Project 23” – because it took 23 boxes to house the deposits – uncovered fossilized mammals as well as smaller critters including turtles, snails and insects. Separately, scientists found a well-preserved Columbian mammoth that they nicknamed Zed.

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Of Printouts and PDFs

I blame Greg Laden. Seriously, it’s all his fault. Let me start at the being and when I am finished with my tale, you will understand those statements.
Greg wrote this really interesting post on hominoid diversity in the Miocene, which reminded me of a paper I had read while in college. I think is was by Andrews, or Kay, or maybe even Rasmussen. I couldn’t really remember but I was sure I still had the article. It was a very interesting article about primate ecology in the Miocene and had some interesting things to say about the competition between catarrhines and hominoids. So I thought I would reread it a do a post on it.

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More News From The AAS Meetings: Fossil Fish Brain, Feathers, and Archimedes Does Infinity

From here which apparently covers a session on imaging techniques.

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Cool South African Museums!

This is a cool story. Apparently South Africa is home to two really interesting museums. The first is:

…the Origins Centre, a museum on the University of Witwatersrand’s central Johannesburg campus that uses science and art to trace man’s development. Visitors can get details of their own genetic makeup to underline one of the center’s themes: that all of us are connected through a common, African ancestor.
Then, a short drive northwest to caves where scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of some of man’s earliest relatives, and where the story of evolution is told with the fanfare of a theme park.

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Denyse O’Leary’s “Friend” Visits Lucy

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our australopithecine dead. – from the Australopithecine version of Henry V

Over at UD Denyse mentions a friend who visited Lucy. The friend was not impressed.

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