Help Stamp Out YouTube In Our LifetIme

Seriously, they suck worse than Disco! They suspended the account of the James Randi Educational Foundation. Life must be tough for YouTube, what with having to exist without a spine and all…
PZ has more on the story.

5 Responses

  1. Blame the DMCA for this. JREF will be back on YouTube soon enough.

  2. PZ would probably be offended by your comparison; mollusks also have no spine, but are much smarter than the average corporation.

  3. I just, less than a minute ago, looked for the JREF site, and it is there all right for everyone to see.
    It mentions they were disconnected, but not that they are back on… some explanation might help.

  4. You Tube is the single most important development in American political life in decades. So they screwed something up briefly with JREF. Big deal.

  5. The Randi account is back on youtube.

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