Hush-hush Archaeology: An Update

The other day I wrote about a fascinating piece of salvage archaeology. Via Southwest Archaeology today I learned that there is an update/correction to the story:

Correction and Update to Last Week’s Story on Border Fence Excavation, by Jackson Underwood: The article in SW Archaeology Today about the Border Barrier Archaeological Project originally appeared in City Beat, a weekly San Diego Newspaper. The undercover reporter did a good job covering this large, low profile excavation. The most glaring inaccuracy is the cited budget, $3 million is a bit over $2 million too generous. Of course, we could use the extra money. Nancy Parish, ACOE Archaeologist at Ft. Worth and other ACOE folks have been very understanding and helpful throughout the process. One of the main challenges to the excavation, was that the fence itself was a design-build contract. That is, the construction plan, project footprint, schedule, etc., were subject to change as the project went forward. We had to be pretty flexible and nimble to stay on that wave. Also, the main players and roles were not made clear in the article. Dr. Claude Warren is my co-Principal Investigator; Mark Peterson is our stats and systems guru, Richard Shultz is our Field Director and Lab Director, and Sandy Scheneeberger is Project Manager. The prime contractor is Sandy’s company, Golden State Environmental of Whittier, California. RECON is a sub to her.
Cheers, Dr. Jackson Underwood, R.P.A.

Just thought I would mention this for the people who followed the link to the original story in the City Beat

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