BioLogos, The Fossil Record, And Human Evolution

Brian has an excellent post about the discussion of the fossil record at BioLogos. Brian does a great job pointing how just how bad the discussion of the fossil record is at BioLogos. Long story short, they briefly discuss the early evolution of tetrapods, the reptile/mammal transition, and then move on to whales – and do an inadequate job on all three. I bring this up because BioLogos is, apparently, going to be discussing human evolution. Based on their discussion of the fossil record I don’t expect much in the way of a competent discussion of the subject. I will post on it when it becomes available, until then, here is what they have to say:

Current scientific evidence suggests that all organisms, including humans, are related to each other by their descent from common ancestral species. This response will look at recent findings from the genome, which supports this claim. The fossil records of humans and human-like creatures also helps to sketch the story of human evolution.

I can hardly wait…

Evolution of Human Sex Roles

In discussing human sex roles one usually starts thus:

…because a single egg is more costly to produce than a single sperm, the number of offspring produced by female animals is limited by the number of eggs that she can produce, while the number of offspring produced by male animals is limited by the number of mating partners.

And then usually this is thrown in as well:

…male animals are competitive and promiscuous while female animals are non-competitive and choosy.

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Not A Genuine Likeness Of Shakespeare After All…

Awhile back I wrote a post about a picture that was claimed to be one of the few paintings of Shakespeare painted while he was still alive.

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Where Did All That Oil Come From? Srsly?

Words can not describe the mind-boggling nature of the video below (an exception to my no YouTube rule). Call me gobsmacked…

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Did Homo sapiens Copy Tool Making Techniques From H. floresiensis? Do Bonobos Rate Food?

Science is reporting on interesting research on the Ling Bua stone tools:

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Ichthyostega, Acanthostega, and Tetrapod Origins has a story on new research on Ichthyostega and Acanthostega. The new research was prompted by the discovery of new fossils:

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Interesting Evolution News

There are a number of interesting pieces of evolutionary research in the news. Some are a little on the old side…

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