Where Did All That Oil Come From? Srsly?

Words can not describe the mind-boggling nature of the video below (an exception to my no YouTube rule). Call me gobsmacked…

I blame the Texas Board of Education…
The funny thing – well, okay, there is a lot to laugh at – is that Rep Barton (R – Cliffs of Insanity) thinks he got the better of the exchange!


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  1. I thought, I’ve been dealing with stupid all evening. How bad can it really be? Now I know.

  2. I don’t know, that stupid is strong, oh so strong. But the stupid at Stephanie’s is coming from someone who you can respond to and amusingly, keeps responding back…

  3. I sent Barton an e-mail from his website asking him to study up on petroleum geology before he tries to “stump” Chu again. Why are people so, not willfully ignorant but proudly ignorant?

  4. I can see why Barton can think he won. Chu definitely looks and sound puzzled. Though it’s probably more from being startled by teh stupid.
    Still would’ve thought an expert could explain it simply more easily (but maybe its because he was an expert).
    Barton does add a finishing blow by suddenly mentioning Alaska must have been warmer in the past (because all oil-fields are cold??)

  5. Was Chu puzzled, or was he just being diplomatic? He was definitely amused. The queston was abstruse and Chu’s confused, bemused and haltingly befuddled grand finale statement was like a fireworks display with the biggest boom at the end.

  6. I think he was puzzled at where Barton was coming from – clearly Barton was asking a trick question aimed at global warming and Chu was trying to figure out how to explain oil formation, plate tectonics, and address the global warming subtext all in 6 seconds…

  7. Hrm. I don’t know the players well enough here, but it looked like Chu was originally startled and then too diplomatic to give the answer any of us would give a question that inane.

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