New Species of (Extinct) Giant Sloth Lemur Discovered

Sloth lemurs are extinct species that are the sister clade to the Indiids. They have the widest range of body sizes of any of the Madagascar species. They are called sloth lemurs because of some convergent features they display with sloths – including suspensory behavior.

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Monkeys in Space!

I don’t know how I missed this, but yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the launching of Baker (a squirrel monkey) and Abel (a rhesus monkey) into space. They were the first primates to survive a trip into space (although Abel died a few days after the trip due to an infected electrode. National Geographic has some pictures to commemorate the event.

In other primate related news, I have managed to injure my right hand and wrist (more about that later) so blogging may be light for the next couple of days.

Update 1: Turns out I have a sprain of the right wrist, makes typing a bit difficult…

Confused By A Talus: The Talus of Darwinius masillae

The tarsal is part of the ankel. It sits on the calcaneus and in turn articulates with the tibia (medial) and fibula (lateral). It is the main weight bearing portion of the ankle.

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Giant Trilobites

I’ve been planning on mentioning this for a couple of weeks, but never seem to get around to it. A recent article in Geology (Giant trilobites and trilobite clusters from the Ordovician of Portugal) discusses some interesting trilobite fossils.

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Twenty Years Of Wedded Bliss

It was twenty years ago today that I suckered, er, convinced Mrs. afarensis to say “I do”. I think I got the better end of the agreement because I got Mrs. afarensis and all she got was me…

At any rate, twenty years flew by far too quickly and speaking for myself only, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Strangely enough, I have met a few men who actually didn’t like their wives, but Mrs. afarensis and I were good friends before we were married and the friendship has continued during the marriage, because, gosh, darn it, in addition to loving her, I really like the woman.

Blogging will be light today…

New Blogs for Fellow Ex-ScienceBloggers

John Lynch of Stranger Fruit and John Wilkins of Evolving Thoughts have both left ScienceBlogs. Lynch can be found at his new blog A Simple Prop – at least he can until he leaves for Greece (yes, I’m jealous).

Wilkins can be found at Evolving Thoughts. As far as I know, he is not currently planning any trips to Greece.

As always, check both at at their new blogs!

Update 1: Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge has packed up the bonobos and moved here.

Hypocrisy and Darwinius masillae

PZ has a link to an interview with some of the Darwinius masillae hype. One comment, by Jørn Hurum, stands out:

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