Discovery Institute’s YouTube Copyright Infringement Claim

The Discovery Institute has filed a copy right infringement claim against this video:

If you are reading this and you have a blog, please publish these two videos…

The amusing thing, as the video above explains, is that they do not own the copyright on material in the video. Clearly, they are trying to take advantage of YouTube’s screwy copyright policies to censor criticism of Casey Luskin. How pathetic is that? Apparently, open debate and criticism is no longer tolerated by the Discovery Institute, and “teach the controversy” really means kiss the Disco Institute’s ass or they will expel you.

In short Casey this picture is for you:


(Hat tip to Pharyngula)

Edited for clarity and presentation.


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  1. Yeah, I remember that. I am beginning to think that Luskin no better than Cordova…

  2. youtube’s policies are consistent with the Digital Millennium Censorship Act.

  3. What better way to have your name and mission trumpeted to the public than by requesting you-tube censorship? Nothing rallies the online community more than this and I think Casey knows it. Either that, or he really is a dumbass.

  4. I love your poster of J.C. laughing at Luskin, but I would rather see some good old-fashion, Old Testament Jaweh ass-kickin ‘.

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