The Lemon City Cemetery: Why Are There No Records?

The Miami Herald has an interesting story on a recently discovered cemetery:

The mystery surrounding a long-forgotten cemetery unearthed by construction crews two months ago has only deepened with a genealogist’s discovery of records suggesting hundreds of black Miamians may have been buried there more than 75 years ago.

Historian Larry Wiggins, using a database of Florida death certificates compiled by the Mormon church, has found 523 names of people — many of them Bahamian settlers or of Bahamian parentage and many of them infants


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  1. Undocumented or poorly documented cemeteries weren’t that uncommon in the 19th and early 20th century, especially if those buried in the cemetery were “unimportant” to the community. A few years ago they discovered a similar cemetery in Milwaukee when expanding part of the county hospital. It had been a pauper’s cemetery, fell into disuse around the turn of the century, wooden markers rotted away, and everyone forgot about it.

    Not that uncommon, perhaps a little sad.

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