The Texas Social Studies Standards Are Flakier Than The Science Standards

I know that is hard to believe but it is true. The Dallas Morning News has the story. A few excerpts are below the fold.

“To have César Chávez listed next to Ben Franklin” – as in the current standards – “is ludicrous,” wrote evangelical minister Peter Marshall, one of six experts advising the state as it develops new curriculum standards for social studies classes and textbooks. David Barton, president of Aledo-based WallBuilders, said in his review that Chávez, a Hispanic labor leader, “lacks the stature, impact and overall contributions of so many others.”

Marshall also questioned whether Thurgood Marshall, who argued the landmark case that resulted in school desegregation and was the first black U.S. Supreme Court justice, should be presented to Texas students as an important historical figure. He wrote that the late justice is “not a strong enough example” of such a figure.

Resident nut-job Don McLeroy is defending the above:

State board member Don McLeroy, R-College Station, took issue with the criticism of Barton and Marshall, saying they are “very qualified” to consider social studies standards.

“There is no doubt they have the experience and expertise to advise the writing teams and the board on the standards,” he said, noting he has not yet read the experts’ recommendations.

It gets better though. Here is Barton and Marshall again:

Both Barton and Marshall also singled out as overrated Anne Hutchinson, a New England pioneer and early advocate of women’s rights and religious freedom, who was tried and banished from her Puritan colony in Massachusetts because of her nontraditional views.

“She was certainly not a significant colonial leader, and didn’t accomplish anything except getting herself exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for making trouble,” Marshall wrote.

Call me speechless…

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  1. afarensis,

    It isn’t the current standards that are flaky, though they might be, it’s the wingnuts added to the committee that are trying to make their new standards flaky. According to these morons:

    Chavez and Marshall aren’t important figures. The first half of this statement would be dumb in say, Massachusetts, but in the southwest? Unbelievable.

    Roe v Wade was the most important legal decision of the 20th century. I suppose if you don’t consider Thurgood Marshall an important figure, then Brown v Board isn’t an important case either.

    Finally, to add one last little bit of idiotic to the mountain already established we have the standby claim of the uber reich wing, that this is a Christian nation. Obviously they’ve never read the federalist papers, the writings of Madison or Jefferson, or, really … the Constitution itself.

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