A Couple of Things That Make You Say “Cool!”

Building Rome in a Day from the University of Washington (Hat Tip to Past Thinking). The University of Washington describes the project this away:
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Reading Rainbow To End? Say It Ain’t So!

According to Think Progress Reading Rainbow’s last episode is set to air its last episode today. I’m shocked. The reason (from NPR:
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New Missouri Law: It Is Illegal To Text Message And Drive

A new law in Missouri makes it illegal to text message and drive in Missouri – but:

The fine for texting-while-driving will be $200, but only if a driver is under 21. Older drivers can keep texting as they drive.

As near as I can tell the law started out banning cell phone use period, but somewhere along the line morphed into a “it’s all them damn teenagers fault” bill…..

To which I can only add this message to the Missouri lawmakers who passed this bill:

A message to the lawmakers in Missouri

A message to the lawmakers in Missouri

Please Do Not Name The Health Care Reform Bill After Ted Kennedy

This is an excellent reason why we should not name the health care reform bill after Kennedy. What if it is a mandated insurance but no public option piece of crap – as looks likely? That would be an insult to Kennedy and every thing he stood for.

Creationist Quote of the Week: A Face-Palm/Head-Desk Moment

I can’t resist mentioning this. Over at the James Randi Educational Foundation Forum a commenter named wowbagger compiles a list of questions for intelligent design advocates. Question 2G reads:

If I were to claim that the “deducing of an Intelligent Designer” was nothing more than a type of paredolia phenomenon, how could you demonstrate otherwise?

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Four Stone Hearth #74 Is Up!

The 74th edition of the Four Stone Hearth can be found at Natures/Cultures. It is, as always, worth a read!

Human Evolution Leakey Symposia

Hawks mentions that a video of the 2009 Symposium on the Flores finds is available here. You will also notice that video of the 2005-2007 symposia are also available are also available.

The Future of Healthcare in America?

The clip says it all…

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Madagascar Coup: Lemurs Still in Danger

Back in March I wrote about the coup in Madagascar. The coup and its aftermath have had a disastrous affect on Madagascar’s primates. Continue reading

Eddy Izzard on Archaeology!

I saw this video over at A Hot Cup of Joe. I thought it was hysterical, so I swiped it. No need to thank me, it’s just what I do for my readers!

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