The Future of Healthcare in America?

The clip says it all…

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  1. OOOPS Didn’t work for some reason. I’ll fix it when I get home…

  2. Hm. Perhaps it does say it all.

  3. Wonder how much money he’s gotten from insurance companies to say such things.

  4. It seems the much of the opposition to national health care are those who don’t need help. It’s an incredibly self-centered position, especially given that there’s only a socioeconomic ‘top’ because there’re so many people who have little or nothing.

    Colbert had a great segment on the Republicans’ tactics to sabotage town hall meetings on the issue, to convince government officials that most Americans don’t want national health care. There’s a goddamn handbook on it; one I remember is something along the lines of, “Sit in the front of the audience, to help make it appear that you have the majority.” To which Colbert replies, “This beats the old tactic, of ACTUALLY having the majority. It’s really quite infuriating.

  5. Even more infuriating is that some progressives are ready to toss in the towel and accept a plan far worse than what McCain suggested in the oresidential race.

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