The Future of Healthcare in America?

The clip says it all…

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Madagascar Coup: Lemurs Still in Danger

Back in March I wrote about the coup in Madagascar. The coup and its aftermath have had a disastrous affect on Madagascar’s primates. Continue reading

Eddy Izzard on Archaeology!

I saw this video over at A Hot Cup of Joe. I thought it was hysterical, so I swiped it. No need to thank me, it’s just what I do for my readers!

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The Big Bang and Beyond

Starts with a Bang has an very interesting post on the Big Bang called How Sure are we that the Big Bang is Correct? and after reading that, you should check out Echoes Of The Birth Of The Universe: New Limits On Big Bang’s Gravitational Waves at Science Daily.

Cornelius Hunter: Intellectually Dishonest? Or Uninquisitive? Or Both?

cgh_thylacineCornelius Hunter has a post up at his blog bashing evolution in connection with a recent paper on the evolution of Water Striders. It seems Hunter is upset because the research indicates that:

As usual the story is more complicated than evolution would have it. A regulatory gene that helps in the development of the water strider has opposite effects in different limbs, lengthening some and shortening others.


Incredibly, evolutionists were quick to add their gratuitous, scientifically meaningless, interpretation of the findings. As one evolutionist put it:

Many have marveled at the ability of water striders to walk on water, and we are excited to have discovered the gene that has affected this evolutionary change.

Makes it sound like some poor developmental biologists, operating in a perfect theoretical vacuum, did some interesting research that the evil evolutionists were quick to appropriate for their own nefarious purposes. Hunter is talking about a recent press release at Science Daily and if you wander over you find that the quote came from an evil evolutionist named Locke Rowe.
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Tuesday Paleopathology Blogging: Did STW 431 Have Brucellosis?

I’ve been meaning to mention this ever since the article was published in PLoS One.

Brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by any of several bacilli. It is primarily found in livestock such as cows, horses, pigs, and goats. It has also been found in wild animals such as zebra, eland, waterbuck, and impala. It is primarily transmitted to humans via infected dairy products and meat. In humans the disease appears as a chronic infection of the lungs and recurring fevers. Males are affected more than females. The primary center of skeletal involvement occurs in the spine. Ortner and Putschar define the lesion involved as follows:

The lesion is a lytic cavitation. Grossly and on X-ray, it frequently can be seen penetrating the vertebral end-plate and extending through the nucleus pulposus of the disc into the next vertebral body … The cancellous bone within the focus is destroyed without formation of significant sequestra. The cortex also may be perforated, leading to parosteal abscesses. There is usually very little, if any, reactive bone formation except in the healing phase … In contrast to tuberculosis, which it resembles in several ways, complete collapse of vertebrae with gibbus formation is usually not observed … and paravertebral abscess is rare …

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Four Stone Hearth: At Laden’s Place

The Four Stone Hearth is up at Greg Laden’s. Check out all the anthropological goodness on display!