Orson Wells on Jimmy Stewart

Apropos of nothing, I stumbled across a video of a section of a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast over at Crooks and Liars, which caused me to head over to You Tube to find more. I’m old enough that I was able to see most of them on TV when they first came out. At any rate, one of the more interesting and captivating was the Jimmy Stewart Roast. Orson Welles – in a rare serious moment for these roasts – delivers a stunning tribute to him. Orson starts at about six minutes in.

And continues in the next video.

I learned a couple of interesting things about Jimmy Stewart while researching this post. First, one of his daughters is an anthropologist (Wohooo!). Second, apparently he was a hard core republican, sigh, oh well, can’t have everything. He was still a hell of an actor and service in WWII was impressive and worthy of respect.

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