Global History of Health Project

I know I have mentioned this before (unfortunately, I can’t find where) but Richard Steckel and Jerome Rose (among others) are working on a fascinating project called the Global History of Health Project. One of the reasons that I brought this up is because the Jewish World review has a fascinating overview of the project:

The latest effort is mapping health over at least the last 3,000 years across the globe. Although that study is just gearing up, the results are backing up earlier work showing that people were probably healthier 3,000 years ago than they were 300 years ago.

In Europe and America, health started to improve only recently — about 150 years ago — with safer food and better sanitation, and the rise of modern medicine.

“Our health conditions didn’t pop out of nowhere,” said Clark Spencer Larsen, an anthropologist at Ohio State University. “Our interest is in looking at the context for our health today.”

The entire article is worth reading. The second reason is that the project is looking for help:

We are looking for field researchers to code and analyze skeletal data in Europe, and we welcome graduate students who would like to combine this work with a thesis or dissertation. If you are interested, please complete and return the application form. You may also directly contact any of the principal investigators.

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