Can Someone Snag Me One of These?

Comfort and Kirk are going to be passing out copies of the Origin of Species complete with an introduction by Ray Comfort. I really, really, want a copy. I’ll even pay the shipping and handling to get it here. So, on 11/19/09 if you happen to see some fundy wackanoodle handing them out, don’t just walk by laughing hysterically, snag one for me!


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  1. Damn. If I was at a big uni in the US, I’d be grabbing a pile of them to sell on ebay.

  2. I totally want one, but will try to get several. Each year I get Gideon new testaments and write URLs of secularist websites in them.

  3. […] Afarensis beat me to asking for this. Gideons were handed out, as they are every semester, on the MSU campus last Wednesday. Every walking entrance to campus was covered. They were not handing out the Charles Darwin Bible from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, an abridged version of On the Origin of Species with a 50-page intro by Comfort . That is happening later this month at 50 selected universities (no, 100!) around the U.S., and MSU is not on that list (read PZ’s post about it). […]

  4. Ray Comfort has posted his 50-page “introduction” here (pdf). The nausea started early in reading it.

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