Four Stone Hearth Volume #76

Welcome to volume # 76 of the Four Stone Hearth. There are some interesting items in this issue, so let’s get started.
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Pandering To The Wicked: ACORN And The Law Of Unintended Consquences

So, Congress has passed a law against ACORN. Apparently, they can no longer get federal funding. Republicans are jubilant and elated in such. Then some smart ass read the bill. Continue reading

Begging for PNAS Neanderthal Articles

Can someone send me these two articles:

Human origins: Out of Africa and The meaning of Neandertal skeletal morphology?

Thanks in advance!

Four Stone Hearth: Call for Submissions

I will be hosting the Four Stone Hearth on the 23rd which means submissions are due no later than tomorrow evening. I will, of course be scouring the web for interesting anthropology items, as well. In the meantime send your submissions to be at the email address listed under the “About” tab above.

Revisionism at The Texas Board of Education Hearings on Social Studies Curriculum

Did you know that Republicans are responsible for the civil rights legislation of the 1960’s?

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Design Inference! ID Proponents Will Love This! Extraterrestrials Involved!

The Daily Mail has the story of a design inference that should make an ID proponent’s heart burst with warm fuzzies:

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Can Someone Snag Me One of These?

Comfort and Kirk are going to be passing out copies of the Origin of Species complete with an introduction by Ray Comfort. I really, really, want a copy. I’ll even pay the shipping and handling to get it here. So, on 11/19/09 if you happen to see some fundy wackanoodle handing them out, don’t just walk by laughing hysterically, snag one for me!