NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Only Classical Musical Station in St. Louis Has Been Sold!

Worse yet it is to a company that is converting to a format of Christian Contemporary Music GAAK! Pardon me while I puke.

The radio station was owned by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, there is a certain dubious quality to the sale:

The station was never advertised, and the sale was handled in secrecy. LCMS treasurer Tom Kuchta and board member Kermit Brashear, an Omaha lawyer and politician, were behind the sale. Brashear handled the negotiations.

The board reportedly decided it wanted to sell to a Christian organization. However, said the Rev. Dr. Paul Devantier, senior vice president at Concordia Seminary, Brashear refused to acknowledge a Lutheran group which wanted to buy the station and retain the format.

LCMS second vice president Paul W. Maier, a professor of history at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, charged that the board had ignored a petition signed by 41 church leaders, and abandoned its responsibilities. At its August meeting, the board turned over full authority to sell the station to Brashear. No discussions within the Synod were ever held.

“That’s difficult to understand,” said Devantier, “why that group or any group within the church was never able to submit a bid to purchase the station.”


Update 1: An email from the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra:

The sale of St. Louis’ only classical music station was announced this morning, Tuesday, October 6, 2009. KFUO-Classic 99 (99.1FM), which is owned by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, was sold to Gateway Creative Broadcasting, which plans to change the station to JOY FM, a contemporary Christian music station. The sale is pending approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). You may read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s report on the sale here.

KFUO-Classic 99 has been providing classical music to the St. Louis community for over 60 years. The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra has a long and valued relationship with KFUO. During the 2009-2010 season, Saturday night orchestral concerts have been broadcast live on Classic 99. The SLSO is one of only a handful of orchestras in the United States to offer live broadcasts.

The SLSO, along with many of its fans and friends in the local artistic community, believes the loss of KFUO-Classic 99 would diminish the cultural diversity of the St. Louis community. With the loss of KFUO, the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, one of the cultural jewels of the city, would lose a vital advocate. The sounds of classical music over the region’s airwaves would be silenced.

We suggest that you express your opinion on the pending sale of KFUO. You may contact the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod via its website or e-mail its Board of Directors: Or you may reach the Synod by phone 1-888-THE-LCMS (843-5267). You may also contact the FCC via its website or e-mail

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  1. Two letters and a word: XM Radio. Yeah, you’ve got to pay a couple of bucks, but the music selection is better. Besides, where on free radio can you hear classic radio shows with Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, etc.

  2. the horror…the horror…the horror…

    Yes you will probably be able to listen to classical music on XM, but that really belies the underhanded nature of the whole mess. And under lines the nefarious nature of so-called Christian media.

  3. Actually you can just download iTunes and listen to classical music from their radio channel.

    Those christians are just rampantly taking over everything! Next thing you know they are gonna claim evolution as an “act of god”! Oh wait … never mind.

  4. Yes,
    I know there are other ways of listening to music but they lack a “local” quality taht you get from a local radio station.

  5. How sad that the powers that be found it necessary to sell off a part of their heritage for the sake of the almighty dollar. KFUO reached more people in one day then the powers will ever reach. I would like to know why they would slap their own brethren in the face by selling it to an outside entity. KFUO has always been a beacon for the Lutheran Church MO Synod. It is truly a sad day for those that gave their heart and soul and hard earned dollars to support such an important mission of the Church.,

  6. The secretive manner in which the sale was handled makes the pain of losing such a station three times worse. I can’t believe that their own brethren were not considered at all.

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