Gaah! This is Horrible Reporting

ABC News is pandering to creationists in this really bad article on
Ardipithecus ramidus. Basically it boils down to, and I kid you not this is a direct quote:

“Evolution is supposedly based on science, but the science does not prove what they want it to. Creationism is not based on scientific observation but on God’s word. God created everything in six days, and that’s it.”

That comes at the end of the piece, at the beginning we get this:

In a deluge of Web postings, articles and lectures, creationists have — with scientific language and precision — set out to debunk the importance of Ardi and have collectively asked, “What’s the big deal?”

In between you get more creationist nonsense. There is only a minimal attempt at the pseudo-balance, he said she said type of reporting that the mainstream media has foisted on us. Basically, it is one long propaganda piece for the creationists. It is a shame to see ABC News Peddling this kind of crud…

3 Responses

  1. They even managed to mangle creationism. I bet the OECs aren’t happy.

  2. This Mr. Goldman seems to have a history of making people mad and being accused of misrepresenting the facts. He has made a lot of religious people mad at him in the past because of it. I wonder if he is trying to get back on their good side? Probably would be easier on him as well as being more useful to just stick to what’s actually empirically true.

  3. I take it Mr. Goldman’s beat is religion, not science. Still, one might expect some science to appear in an article about a significant new fossil–not the silly pseudo-science spouted sophomorically by clueless Creationists pretending to produce scientific support for their crazy contentions.

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