Afarensis is in the hospital

This is Afarensis’ youngest daughter.
My dad got sick last week and kept getting worse and worse until finally my mom took him to the ER.
Unfortunately he has Pneumonia and possibly Swine Flu so he won’t be home until Friday.

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  1. Tell him to get well soon. We miss him.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

  3. We’ll miss his posts while he’s out. But tell him to take it easy and get his health back. It’s the most important thing.

  4. Keep us posted, and tell him to take care.

  5. I hope he gets well soon, and that the rest of you are ok.

  6. Thanks for the message, and wishing your father well. Tell him to try drinking whisky, honey, lemon juice and hot water – I,ve had pneumonia three times and it worked a treat. Ita also tastes good.

  7. Best wishes to you all. It must be very worrying.

  8. Thank you for the message. I hope he recovers soon!

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  10. Oh, I hope he gets better soon. Give him a hug from all of us too far away to do it in person.

    And look after yourselves too!

  11. Well, hell. Yes, best wishes to you all, and our thoughts are with you — tell him to get well soon!

  12. Forget the Whiskey – Chicken Soup with Noodles – that’s what he needs – served from the hands of a loving daughter. That would cheer anyone up! Hope he’s done with the worst of it soon!

  13. Hope he gets better soon!

  14. Thanks for the post – take care of him and tell him we all expect him to get well soon.

    Let us know when he is up and around.

  15. Best wishes for a speedy recovery dude. Thanks for letting us know, youngest daughter.

  16. oh, i had no idea he had a daughter! but then again, i didn’t know he was in the hospital, either! i hope he is doing better .. and don’t hesitate to email me if there’s anything i can do to help.

  17. Feel better soon, Afarensis!

  18. Best wishes for recovering his health.

  19. Thanks for filling us in on the news. Tell him we’re all thinking of him, and wish him a speedy recovery.

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  21. Feel better, holmes!

  22. Here’s to a speedy recovery, and a healthy family.

  23. Oh dear, that sounds bad. I hope he will be well soon.
    Best wishes

  24. Get well soon!

  25. Get well soon, Afarensis!

  26. Get well soon, you crazy hominid, you!

  27. Hope you feel better soon, Afarensis! I had pneumonia last year after stopping over in Fiji — antibiotics and a bronchial dilator inhaler seemed to work, although I like the idea of whisky, honey, lemon juice and hot water, too — I’d just leave out the hot water, lemon and honey.

    Anyway, your fellow CBEB’s all wish you well and have dispatched agents to monitor the situation as well as your refrigerator. And the local bar. Apparently, also some dive called the “KitKat Club” Uh…and they just reported from some mall. I don’t think they’re doing their job.

    I’ll have to send agents to monitor the agent’s situation. Heal up, we need more agents.

  28. From a fellow St. Louisan, Get well and stay away from suids.

  29. Hoping for a quick recovery.

  30. Damn. I hope you’re better soon. Please keep us updated.

  31. Get well soon. Please keep us updated.


  33. Get well soon!

  34. Get Well Soon!

    James 2:24

  35. Hope he gets well soon!

  36. Take care of yourself, and get well!

  37. Hold on … science demigods don’t get sick. It is simply not allowed. Every day your out is another day the bastards win. I expect you to get well and be snappy about it. No malingering and feeling all sorry for yourself.

    If you stay out too long your going to return to a world where everyone thinks the Magic Charms Leprechaun created man from bellybutton lint and Jebus rode to work on a dinosaur. It will be very, very ugly and all your fault.

    I’m hoping you have only ugly, mean nurses and steel bedpans they keep in the freezer. All the better to motivate you into getting better fast.

    Seriously, get well soon. We miss you.

    PS: I’m forwarding the steel bedpans in the freezer idea to the floor nurse. It’s always good for a laugh and nurses love to laugh.

  38. I hope he gets well soon. Thank you for letting us know how Afarensis is doing.

  39. Get well soon Afarensis!

  40. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  41. Get well soon, Afarensis. Good thoughts for you.

  42. I wish him well. I wonder if he has now evolved to Homo sapiens sapiens suidae.

  43. Get well soon Afarensis!

  44. Get well soon Afarensis!

  45. Thanks daughter, and hang in there Afarensis; hope you are back to full health asap!

  46. Just found out about this, but hope you’re feeling better by now!

  47. Hi Tara,
    Yes, other than some thrush caused by the inhalers, I’m starting to feel like my normal self again…

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