Gompotherium and Clovis

Why I Hate Theropods has an interesting story on two juvenile gomphotheres found in association with Clovis tools. The find dates to ~13,000 years ago. Previous gomphothere finds date to over 100,000 years ago, so the late survival in Mexico is rather unique.

Update 1: Found a better link


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  1. Um, dude?
    I’m a long time reader of your blog.
    Just wanted to let you know that “Free Republic” is well known for being a radical, right-wing site that promotes, among other nonsense, anti-evolutionary propaganda.
    For example:

  2. That it is/does, JamesT. But, sometimes, in my rare visits to that site, I come across stories linked there before I come across them at other sites (such as BBC News), or at all. In fact, I saw the gomphothere link there yesterday and read the story (but not the commentary).

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