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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a nice article on the use of CT scanning in paleoanthropology:

From the article:

“You can study the fossils without damaging them with CT scans,” said Charles Hildebolt, professor of radiology and adjunct professor of anthropology at Washington University. “Because these CT scans are used to treat patients, the measurements are very accurate. And with the fossil you can use as much radiation as you want.”

The measurements from the scans can then be used to create three-dimensional virtual models on the computer and life-size plastic molds. The molds, as accurate reproductions of the fossils, can also be scanned.

The article also talks about Homo floresiensis


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  1. Now that Levallois lithics have been found in the southeastern usa,perhaps the trans or circum-Atlantic colonization of the Americas should be re-considered. These lithics may be seen online at About.comarcheology under the thread” Levallois in the USA.”

  2. Do please try to stay on topic in the future…

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