Afarensis and the War on Christmas

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about really bad Chistmas songs. In my continuing war on Christmas I have decided to revisit the issue. I have yet to find a song worse than the three I mentioned in that post (although McCartney’s song has been covered, shocking I know), what say you? What Christmas songs do you really despise?

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  1. I actually generally like Christmas songs, despite their being played to death during this season. There are a handful I really detest, however:

    The Little Drummer Boy. Ktesibios on your previous comment thread ( spelled out the incredibly lame premise of this song better than I can. But in general it’s just a hateful detestable song.

    Do You Hear What I Hear? This song has always grated on my nerves since I first heard it as a kid. It sounds like something some decrepit Salvation Army band would play outside a mission.

    Santa Claus is Coming to Town. You better watch out, kids–Santa is stalking you.

    I never much cared for “Frosty the Snowman” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” either, though I don’t loathe them like the first three.

    Oh, yeah, don’t forget “What Child is This?”–“Greensleeves” stolen and turned into a sappy Christmas song.

  2. Yes, Ktesibios’ summary of the song had me ROFL.

  3. I loathe Christmas music in general, and have particular dislike for those mentioned above. The little drummer boy in particular needs to Die In A Fire, as the kids say, in every version, and with the TV special stacked on top of the pyre.

  4. That second video has been removed by the user. I guess someone was overcome by taste.

  5. Yes, it is a Christmas miracle!

  6. … And so has the third. How do you spell embarrassment (?)

  7. Here’s one that, well, jingalabell jinglejingle. What else can be said.

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