Support Build-A-Bear

The St. Louis based company is catching flack from conservative bloggers for a video series that mentions global warming. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Darren Pope, a writer for, was one of the harshest critics of the videos, in which a polar bear named Ella tells Santa: “At the rate it’s melting, the North Pole will be gone by Christmas.”

Pope wrote a letter to Clark, which he posted on his site. “It is one thing to use fear-mongering and scare tactics when attempting to win adults over to a particular point of view; it is quite another when using those tactics against very young, impressionable

Amazing, leaving aside climate science for a moment, everywhere field scientists go, whether they be biologists, ecologists, geologists, or anthropologists, they see the effects of climate change. Yet we are not supposed to mention it to children because the delicate sensibilities of conservatives might be offended. The Arctic ice cap is melting as is the Antarctic , whether conservatives like it or not. Humans have nearly caused the extinction of the American buffalo and numerous species of whale, we have caused the extinction of the passenger pigeon (which at one time numbered in the billions) and the Dodo to name a few (a larger, but still incomplete list can be found here. By 1910 humans had cut down over 300 million square miles of forest in North America alone. An additional 2.7 billion acres of rain forest have been cut down in South America Link . The US Census Bureau estimates the total world population at slightly under 7 billion people – all of whom have an impact on the environment around them. The idea that humans can’t have a significant and climate altering impact on the world is, to say the least, nuts.

Conservatives can bury their head in the sand and ignore reality if they want, but to expect the rest of us to do so is just silly.

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