Cynthia Davis To Run For The Senate

Davis (R – Nutjob) is running for the Missouri State Senate because she is term limited in the House. Davis, for those who are unfamiliar, is a wackaloon responsible for quite a few bills requiring creationism to be taught in schools. So far all have failed but she keeps trying. Davis was recently in the news for comments about hunger and has tried to undermine sex education in Missouri

The senate seat she is running for is already filled leading Davis to remark:

“I guess the best way to describe this race is I’m more like Sarah Palin and he’s more like John McCain,” Davis said, referring to the 2008 GOP national ticket.

Yup, she can see Russia from Missouri. The inevitable war breaks out in the comments to the story, my favorite being:

After reading Davis’ comments in the website provided by Beth, I hope this woman it not elected. Sarah Palin would be insulted to be compared to her. She is a total nut case!

Which leads me to believe that the commenter hasn’t really followed Sarah Palin…

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