Dinosaurs and Destruction

Hawks has already linked to this Onion piece but I can’t resist because it is pretty silly. Hawks left out the funniest bit, but I won’t:

To many paleontologists, such as Richard Hollander of the University of Michigan, exploring the various ways dinosaurs might have been slaughtered with today’s military technology is a vital area of study.
“It’s part of human nature to wonder what it would be like to crash a fully fueled F-14 Tomcat into a 60-foot-long, razor-toothed spinosaurus and then eject just before impact to see the chunks of smoking flesh flying in all directions as one gently parachutes to the ground,” Hollander said. “And it is a tremendous loss for science that we’ll never be able to take one of the smaller ones, like maybe the epidexipteryx, and smash it into mush with a shovel.”
“Or a golf club,” added Hollander, shaking his head. “Or a

It’s the chainsaw bit at the end that had me laughing hysterically (which, incidentally alarmed – actually it terrified – my coworkers).

Update One: The links have been fixed.

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  1. Your Onion link is incorrect…

  2. Oh no! Space invaders in the links!

    Both links have a space in them that screw them up.

  3. Yeah, it happens every time I post via email. Hawks’ post is here and the Onion piece is here.

  4. I like the part about blowing the leg off of a charging diplodocus and watching dinosaur blood and dirt spray several stories into the air.

  5. I laughed and laughed, and Gretchen thought I was some kind of weirdo.

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