Support Build-A-Bear

The St. Louis based company is catching flack from conservative bloggers for a video series that mentions global warming. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

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Afarensis and the War on Christmas

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about really bad Chistmas songs. In my continuing war on Christmas I have decided to revisit the issue. I have yet to find a song worse than the three I mentioned in that post (although McCartney’s song has been covered, shocking I know), what say you? What Christmas songs do you really despise?

I’m Back!

Finally! The DSL issues have been fixed. Normal blogging should resume tomorrow.

Protesting Nonexistent Issues

Call me confused. Residents of the Rockwood School District are up in arms over a plan to switch from the BC/AD system to the BCE/CE system. Only problem is that the plan does not exist:

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Dangerous Ltd and the Discovery Channel Quote-mine a Paleontologist

Normally quote-mining is a behavior one associates with the creationist movement. So it is shocking when the Discovery channel and Dangerous Ltd (makers of Clash of Dinosaurs) engages in the same behavior. The main culprit here is Dangerous Ltd which made the show…

Still Without DSL

Well, the phone company fixed the phone issues but I am still without DSL. So it may be a bit before regular posting returns.

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Does Healthcare Reform Mean The Death Of SCHIP: Kill The Bill

You know SCHIP, it’s the State Children’s Health Insurance Program that Democrats were screaming bloody murder about not all that long ago. The Democrats were mad because Bush vetoed two bills that would expand the program. Screamed and hollared and whined about how children were going to suffer and now Democratic hypocrisy is coming home to roost From the Columbia Journalism Review:
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